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Residential & Commercial Projects completed by Manchester

Manchester Realty has developed a wide variety of residential and commercial properties over the past 25 years.  Roger Parris, owner of Manchester Realty has personally acquired the land, directed the architects, and supervised every aspect of the demolition and construction process, including procurement of heavy, earth moving equipment operated by Manchester employees.

As a developer, Mr. Parris financed these projects through private equity, traditional bank financing, and personal capital contributions.  Upon completion, Manchester or its subsidiaries often provided financing for buyers, sales/transactional services, and property management for some of the multi-unit investment buildings.

Ridge Court Townhomes ~6 units                 Rogers Court Condominiums ~ 3 units
   (The above projects in Rogers Park were joint ventures with the Penguin Group.)

Greenbay Plaza in Evanston built in 1992 - 1993
Demolition                                                  Demolition by Manchester's Link-Belt
Brick & Steel construction                            Completion of a 4 unit retail center anchored
                                                                 by Walgreens.  Managed by Manchester.

Single Family Residences in Evanston, built during the early 1990s
Custom-built Luxury Home on Ashland          Ashland Ave.
Lemar Ave. (1)                                           Lemar Ave. (2)
Lemar Ave. (3)                                           Lemar Ave. (4) 

Multi-unit Properties in Evanston, built during the late 1980s & early 1990s    
Church St. 3 flat                                         Darrow Ave. 3 flat
Dewey Ave. - 2 townhouse units                   Dodge Ave. - 2 townhouse units
Emerson St. 3 flat                                       Emerson St. 3 flat
Darrow Ave. - 6 townhouse units                  Jackson Ave. 2 flat
    Manchester Realty has rehabbed dozens of
Wesley Ave. 4 flat                                      houses & multi-units over the past 30 years 

Single Family Residences in Evanston, built during the late 1980s
Lake St. under construction (1)                    Lake St. Luxury Single Family Home    
Lake St. under construction (2)                    Lake St. home recently sold for $560,000

Luxury Home 1981-1982
Custom built home in Miami, FL                    Polynesian-style masterpiece



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